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fatman88's Journal
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Below are the 7 most recent journal entries recorded in fatman88's LiveJournal:

Thursday, April 4th, 2013
10:13 am
Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008
5:17 pm
rant on daikatana
daikatana is bad fps some people like it and some don't daikatana to me is a good fps i like quate to this i can't not leave without my bubby superfly that funny monunt and it have quake 2 engine one of my favorite games but some say it have date i do agree on that but fun, don't have a to listen to review or the internet so that have say good bye

Current Mood: good
Tuesday, September 18th, 2007
9:00 pm
my gta:sa hot coffee mods rants
helloo everone i am fatman88 that my born year anyway there talk about gta hot coffee mods rants back in later 90s beeteen 97 or 98 grand heft auto was relese on scena and it was controversy but no sex just raw viotlence and swearing so no sex viotlence with gta2 the same. now grand theft auto 3 was mega hit because didn't have grant 3d video thing but Gameplay was good i have agraa on rockstar since befoer even gta3 was huge hit a skateboarding game call thrasherLskate and destroy it was good got on skate games i have is tony hawk now. with gta stuff vice city,vice city it like gta 3 with less land and more water now grand theft auto sa rockstar some resosn piss fan with hot coffee mods even Jack Thompson point at it hey gta fan stop blame some who hurt rockstar and get life rockstar fan have prolbe u need throry and let rockstar crastin grand theft auto without date sim because date sim suckass i like gta sitll p.s jack thompson just doin his job like other
Attorney do, ok get a life or move on

Current Mood: lazy
Monday, June 25th, 2007
5:11 pm
all pc games u can get well maybe
it me fatman19 now not 17 i wish could chager :( but thjat life i have use dosbox it cool and iso DAEMON tool too i like watch pbs kids show, and disney for jetix, RIP MR.ROGERS and here more info that i play vice city and 3 of gta series and i play rpg maker fan-made games and i look for fight maker fan-made games, my p2p ares is kick ass p2p not best but warez suck now because they can't take p2p searh ending i like go to adbandonware site for game download for free hee hee didn't go to powerranger con but i am going to AWA that kick ass con well i almost out of time so if want to talk about wrestling(no tna or new ecw) or other i be post other topie with new topie good bye< :)

Current Mood: good clear room
Tuesday, July 11th, 2006
10:00 pm
what did i think of dark wich?
everone say iiiiiiiiiiiii mouth to bland devot and say about dark wich yea i love it and make ppv for them prmf rulz my mind but dark wich too damme far from tv show so here what i think

PART1: i was get in the action unit out of nowhere Imperious is bad ass fight from out of hellhole
just kidden i love fight scena i hop they countrie more fight then make more angle on reb ranger
f u reb ranger and green ranger i love from his logo of the pecple champ the rock from wwf and i love color green u rock Xander Bly u make me happy and Daggeron the cloud of the Quintessential Studmuffin Joel Gertner he was entinetme but all hell brok lonper on part 2

part2:breat takein back any mean i mean back and white color kick ass all the way ever to one in deacnt where they fight a warrior ever to fight use power ranger outfile don't meAN SHIT kool fight without power ranger huh so if they aslo have dark door and white door i choosse dark if ur screan white ur a dead for good and here the kool effent it good but a aging it was like a srceensaver like two door where here cool of part 3 ever thing go the way it is

part3:very kickass fight and final battle was kick ass and end was very good for me

my review:9/10
Monday, July 3rd, 2006
3:36 am
what am i do this week
monday:watch wwe raw and talk to some pecple and go to wrestling fan funny for raw cover up and ecw one maybe power range and nor so red range mantrion and plus jatix funny thing

tuesday:ecw july 4th live show on sci if and plus bring me spd to life and hot pokot and oh yea xbox and tony hawk and doom 3 and online game and maybe anime night

webnesday:book match for WWF Attitude ppv name:dark wich and 8 match:match 1: Bradshaw vs. vader in hardcore match and match 2:Mark Henry vs.aioo in a fall cout anywhere and match 3: rikkuvs.hhh in a sane match and match 4:Goldust vs. steve and match 5:x-pac vs.mrpower and match 6:3 three way match:
stone cold steve austie vs. Road Dogg Jesse James vs. ??? (a i can cheso) and match 7:superdeathmatch:
Steve Blackman vs. Ken Shamrock match 8:Royal Rumble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thursday:don't same as alway u know hot pomket

friday:ecw night but frieday ECW Hardcore Revolution:dark wich

saturday:ECW Anarchy Rulz night for dark wich same adov

sunday:movie night with wwf wmtag and iyh or xbox.

and that do are weekin round up so see next week. :)
Sunday, July 2nd, 2006
5:54 pm
my life is being sleep
dear jounal:

my frist sleep is good but my sister m14mouse is good

what do have in my room now:two tv and dvd player and playstation 2 and cd player and xbox and vhs and psone pc fun!

play:ramdo game to dawn lazy to do it

wrestling thounh:all wrestling on my psone all the time on a saturday moring wwf war zone and at night before movie time: wcw vs the world doin movie: wwf wrestlemania the areade games and in your house :)

kool thing: that now all mp3 are cool play gta2

w m14mouse :is my hero

what i listen to Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me by u2 from batman forever

my internet: winamp i love :) and gsa
power ranga thounh: dark wich will kick ass because just does if don't like dark wich fine
my favorite thing on shooter momurt:blood and gus plus sold snake :)
how give my sister mony:dream and think hahahah
favorite kill kenny momurat:football player kill kenny Fatality
what in hell is that:maybe cartman should be next big thing maybe not ok bye..........................
we love Katamari:yea katamari should be in new york
Katamari for presnet:yea weird but kickass
Katamari my daddy:sure my sister could be Katamari next maid (no sexy version)
i in the zone:where righht to here lol

well better get going see u a aging
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