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my gta:sa hot coffee mods rants

helloo everone i am fatman88 that my born year anyway there talk about gta hot coffee mods rants back in later 90s beeteen 97 or 98 grand heft auto was relese on scena and it was controversy but no sex just raw viotlence and swearing so no sex viotlence with gta2 the same. now grand theft auto 3 was mega hit because didn't have grant 3d video thing but Gameplay was good i have agraa on rockstar since befoer even gta3 was huge hit a skateboarding game call thrasherLskate and destroy it was good got on skate games i have is tony hawk now. with gta stuff vice city,vice city it like gta 3 with less land and more water now grand theft auto sa rockstar some resosn piss fan with hot coffee mods even Jack Thompson point at it hey gta fan stop blame some who hurt rockstar and get life rockstar fan have prolbe u need throry and let rockstar crastin grand theft auto without date sim because date sim suckass i like gta sitll p.s jack thompson just doin his job like other
Attorney do, ok get a life or move on
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