fatman88 (fatman17) wrote,

my life is being sleep

dear jounal:

my frist sleep is good but my sister m14mouse is good

what do have in my room now:two tv and dvd player and playstation 2 and cd player and xbox and vhs and psone pc fun!

play:ramdo game to dawn lazy to do it

wrestling thounh:all wrestling on my psone all the time on a saturday moring wwf war zone and at night before movie time: wcw vs the world doin movie: wwf wrestlemania the areade games and in your house :)

kool thing: that now all mp3 are cool play gta2

w m14mouse :is my hero

what i listen to Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me by u2 from batman forever

my internet: winamp i love :) and gsa
power ranga thounh: dark wich will kick ass because just does if don't like dark wich fine
my favorite thing on shooter momurt:blood and gus plus sold snake :)
how give my sister mony:dream and think hahahah
favorite kill kenny momurat:football player kill kenny Fatality
what in hell is that:maybe cartman should be next big thing maybe not ok bye..........................
we love Katamari:yea katamari should be in new york
Katamari for presnet:yea weird but kickass
Katamari my daddy:sure my sister could be Katamari next maid (no sexy version)
i in the zone:where righht to here lol

well better get going see u a aging
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