fatman88 (fatman17) wrote,

what am i do this week

monday:watch wwe raw and talk to some pecple and go to wrestling fan funny for raw cover up and ecw one maybe power range and nor so red range mantrion and plus jatix funny thing

tuesday:ecw july 4th live show on sci if and plus bring me spd to life and hot pokot and oh yea xbox and tony hawk and doom 3 and online game and maybe anime night

webnesday:book match for WWF Attitude ppv name:dark wich and 8 match:match 1: Bradshaw vs. vader in hardcore match and match 2:Mark Henry vs.aioo in a fall cout anywhere and match 3: rikkuvs.hhh in a sane match and match 4:Goldust vs. steve and match 5:x-pac vs.mrpower and match 6:3 three way match:
stone cold steve austie vs. Road Dogg Jesse James vs. ??? (a i can cheso) and match 7:superdeathmatch:
Steve Blackman vs. Ken Shamrock match 8:Royal Rumble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thursday:don't same as alway u know hot pomket

friday:ecw night but frieday ECW Hardcore Revolution:dark wich

saturday:ECW Anarchy Rulz night for dark wich same adov

sunday:movie night with wwf wmtag and iyh or xbox.

and that do are weekin round up so see next week. :)
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