fatman88 (fatman17) wrote,

what did i think of dark wich?

everone say iiiiiiiiiiiii mouth to bland devot and say about dark wich yea i love it and make ppv for them prmf rulz my mind but dark wich too damme far from tv show so here what i think

PART1: i was get in the action unit out of nowhere Imperious is bad ass fight from out of hellhole
just kidden i love fight scena i hop they countrie more fight then make more angle on reb ranger
f u reb ranger and green ranger i love from his logo of the pecple champ the rock from wwf and i love color green u rock Xander Bly u make me happy and Daggeron the cloud of the Quintessential Studmuffin Joel Gertner he was entinetme but all hell brok lonper on part 2

part2:breat takein back any mean i mean back and white color kick ass all the way ever to one in deacnt where they fight a warrior ever to fight use power ranger outfile don't meAN SHIT kool fight without power ranger huh so if they aslo have dark door and white door i choosse dark if ur screan white ur a dead for good and here the kool effent it good but a aging it was like a srceensaver like two door where here cool of part 3 ever thing go the way it is

part3:very kickass fight and final battle was kick ass and end was very good for me

my review:9/10
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