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fatman17's Journal

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hi my fatman17 just me fatman i like going shop with my sister, and play game,i am fatman i am a fathead like u and i am psyho killer like uhuhuh idk any way i wish my sister m14mouse have better sleep than me i watch now is south park when i am rock/rap beucause rock/rap are with comedy oh god they kill kenny u basted Fatality Shao Kahn:ohhahahahaha any way i love shooter bring the bfg and i watch power range yea and disney and music: rocktastle:KoRn and Marilyn Manson
and rob zombie and rage agiste the machine and one minute silence dope and pitchshifter and system of a the down powerman 5000 and some papa roach and tim skold sinale like pamf and chaso
raptastle:cypress hill the psycho realm and emniem and ice cue and ice t and nwa and snoopdogg and run dmc and kids music only by pbs and disney
Book:manga and the death of wcw and wreatlecrap
tv show: mst3k and wrestling and cartoon and some anime power ranger disney,pbs mr.rogers and JETIX
videogames:shooter and car combat and drive racing and off road racing and wrestling and skateboarding :)
movie:disney movie and kids movie shooter movie like (die hard and man in black)
horritle:go shop and food shop.
favorite website:wrestling fan and wrestlecrap and gamefaqs reveiw on games and hurmor site amazon reveiw and some fanfiction site and some fanart site gamespy and imdb Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia site and sometime youtube site.

favorite to when there internet:i used a p2p player:ares p2p or you tube downloader or juts end do scan a vires or spyware

that it bye